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Artisan Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt - FusionŽ -3.5oz Jar
Artisan Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt - FusionŽ -3.5oz Jar
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Organic Whole Grain Kamut, 45 lb $109.95

Now, whole grain Organic Kamut in a convenient screw top pail!

Most of us have thought about eating better and including whole grains in our diet, but we don't know where to start. Most of us bake cookies, bread, cakes and a host of other foods containing flour and wheat products, but we use processed flour.  The flour you buy in the store is made from low grade, low protein, genetically modified, chemically treated wheat.  In addition, white flour has it's healthful outer coating stripped away.  What you're left with is a highly processed simple carbohydrate with very little nutritional value.

What can I do, you ask?  You can use whole wheat flour, but that's also low grade and has a flavor that may be unsuitable for many baked goods.  In addition, once ground,the oils in the grain immediately start to become rancid, further decreasing the nutritional value and giving the flour a harsh taste. 

Now we have a solution!

Kamut is a very old "heirloom" grain that was rediscovered recently.  It has not been genetically modified and is grown entirely organically.  This grain is the same as it was thousands of years ago.  It's a relative of durham wheat, and has a low gluten content.  Many who are allergic to wheat can eat Kamut due to this low gluten content and the fact that the gluten proteins are not interlinked as in normal wheat.  It's been theorized that this linking is what causes the wheat allergy.  The grain, or berry, is large compared wheat, so when ground there is relatively little bran.  This makes the whole grain flour ideal for many uses as a direct replacement for normal flour.  You won't see the dark bran or bold taste that's present in whole wheat flour (whole wheat flour is generally red winter wheat).

Kamut is an all around winner when it comes to nutrition.  It's generally higher in many nutrients than wheat, and is much higher in protein.  Whole ground Kamut flour can be  used in most all recipes that call for white or whole wheat flour.  It has a pleasant buttery taste rather than the bitter bite of wheat.  Many find that recipes need less sugar and butter when using Kamut.

Kamut, as with wheat, stores exceptionally well.  If kept in a cool, dry area with little oxygen it will last for decades.  Kamut and wheat have been found in good condition in ancient Egyptian tombs!  What we've done is create a system that allows for easy access while preserving the grain at the same time.  We spared no expense to create the ultimate storage process. 

1. First, the grain is placed inside a mylar ziplock bag.  Mylar is a multilayered metalized bag that keeps out oxygen, moisture, and light. 

2. Layered in with the grain are three oxygen absorbers.  This is three times more than required, so oxygen will continue to be absorbed even after opening.

3. The bag is placed inside a high quality 6.5 gallon airtight food grade plastic pail.  Unlike other inexpensive pails, ours has an easy open screw top lid and thumb lock.  Other pails are not designed for repeat use, as the lid is pounded into place and partially destroyed when opened (cutting and ripping of the tearstrip is required to remove the lid).  The inexpensive bucket lids are difficult to open and generally require a bucket wrench.  Ours are easily opened, and are senior frendly.

4. We use only ziplock mylar bags, so you can easily access the grain and re-seal the bag afterward.

5.  Finally, we heat seal the bag to make a double airtight seal.

The end result is a dry, oxygen free container that will keep the grain fresh for many years, yet it's easy to use every day.

Now, combined with one of our exceptional grain mills, you can make your own freshly ground, healthful organic whole grain flour or cereal any time of the day!

For an even greater boost of nutrition try sprouted Kamut.  Ours is a live, fresh product that can be sprouted for use in salads, dried and milled into sprouted Kamut flour, or even grown and used as "wheat grass"! 

We're sure you'll love this healthful grain.  Try it today!