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Professional Water Test Kit - Problem Check for Wells
Professional Water Test Kit - Problem Check for Wells
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NatureMill Indoor Composter

Did you know that up to 40% of landfill volume consists of food waste?  Now you can effortlessly turn your food scraps into high quality compost right in your kitchen!  

Introducing the NatureMill Indoor Food Composter

The NatureMill was created to help the growing problem of overflowing landfills and their contribution to global climate change.  Food waste contributes greatly to global warming due to energy used to haul the waste, as well as the methane produced by incomplete decomposition in  landfills.   NatureMill figured out a way to rapidly and cleanly compost this material, creating a high quality natural fertilizer.  See the History Channel /Modern Marvels video below to see why the Nature Mill was named one of the Top Ten New Products of 2007!

Click Here to view Environmental Tech clip from Modern Marvels


Now Free Domestic Shipping on the NatureMill Pro!

Important notes from our testing:

1.  The NatureMill does require maintenance, such as scraping around the edges, cleaning the drip tray, etc.  They can produce good compost quickly, but they are not maintenance free.

2.  One must balance dry and wet material in order to create the correct consistency.  Pulverized material from a juicer, and adding too little dry material will cause the cultures to die off.  Food must be cut into small pieces, but not pulverized.  There is a bit of a learning curve to figure out the best mix.

3.  The unit does produce a musty organic odor when opened.  There may also be some mold created around the compost and on the drip tray.  Due to these reasons, we recommend placing the unit in a garage or similar location.

4.  These units are NOT RETURNABLE once used.


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