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Artisan Gourmet Salt Sampler, 24 jars in Bamboo Case $139.00 $129.95



The Artisan Bamboo Salt Sampler Set is the definitive gourmet salt collection. This complete sampler includes 24 mini glass jars each with a hand milled cork top. The entire set is displayed in a gorgeous bamboo presentation box. This is the ultimate gift for the serious chef or salt connoisseur.

 Artisan Bamboo Salt Sampler

Shipping Weight: 8.2 lbs.

The Artisan 24 piece sampler set contains the following:

Bamboo Presentation Box is a hand made storage case with a glass door and stainless steel hardware. The bamboo box is 12”x12”x4”

 Murray River  - A mild delicate, salt from South Australia’s Murray River.

 Durango -
Pacific sea salt naturally smoked with premium Hickory wood.

 Kala Namak –
A unique strongly flavored salt used extensively in Indian cuisine.

 Fumee de Sel -
This is a handmade salt smoked over Chardonnay oak with a savory hint of wine.

 Mediterra -
This is a salt from the South of Italy, and is known for its mild flavor and bright white crystals.

 Peruvian Pink –
Hand-harvested from spring-fed ponds in Peru’s Andes Mountains.

 Fleur de Sel -
The “caviar of salts” is harvested in the Guerande region of France.

 Trapani –
Handcrafted from traditional salt pans along the famous “Salt Road” in Sicily.

 Pacific Blue -
An All Natural Kosher flake sea salt, harvested from the Pacific Ocean.

 Cyprus Flake -
Mild, flaky Mediterranean sea salt.

 Salish -
Pacific sea salt cold smoked with Alderwood.

 Mayan Sun -
This is a tropical sea salt with a great flavor and high mineral content.

 Bolivian Rose -
This is a rare salt harvested from the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia.

 Sel Gris (velvet, fine, coarse) - S
el Gris is known for its color, minerals, and high moisture content.

 Flower of Bali -
A natural tropical pyramid-shaped salt.

 Cyprus Black Lava -
Mediterranean flake salt mixed with activated charcoal, imparting a unique earthy taste.

 Himalayan Pink - T
his is a pure, mined salt found deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains.

 Alaea -
Traditional Hawaiian table salt, all natural with a rich red color.

 Hiwa Kai -
This unique Hawaiian salt has a stunning black colorand silky texture.

Sweet Applewood smoked sea salt.

 El Dorado- Mesquite -
Sea salt smoked with genuine Mesquite wood, the official smoke flavor of Texas barbecue.

 Flor de Sal -
Premium hand harvested sea salt from Portugal.
* Please note: The selection of salts included in the sampler set may vary based on availability.