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Artisan Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt - FusionŽ -3.5oz Jar
Artisan Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt - FusionŽ -3.5oz Jar
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Virgin Oil De Coco-Creme 4 gallons $379.00

Coconut Oil, the best you can buy!

This virgin coconut oil is a biologically pure oil, extracted from fresh coconut milk and minimally processed without the use of heat and chemicals. Its remarkable purity is rated as pharmaceutical grade, and is considered the preferred coconut oil of choice amongst cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulators, pastry chefs, and household users.

In liquid form, it is a clear, extra light viscocity oil with sweet coconut flavor. Minimal processing insures that the full character of coconut is retained: fresh coconut flavor, sweet coconut aroma, and a natural source of lauric fatty acid. Its purity is also demonstrated by its superb stability. Virgin Oil De Coco De Crème has a shelf life of 3 years, far surpassing the standard without requiring refining processes, thermal treatment, or special colored protective packaging.

Health Benefits

Unlike the cholesterol rich saturated fats found in dairy products and meat, raw coconut oil offers a saturated fat comprised of mostly medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s). MCFA's are digested and metabolized easily, their benefit being converted directly into energy rather than being stored as fat.

Raw coconut oil has fewer calories than any other fat. The fatty acids in raw coconut oil are, lauric acid and myristic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid . These fatty acids show antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiprotozoal properties.

Raw coconut oil also stimulates proper thyroid function aiding weight loss and assisting to lower cholesterol . Consuming raw coconut oil regularly may also balance blood sugar.

Applied topically it is highly nourishing, regenerative and moisturizing to the skin.

Because coconut oil is one of the most naturally stable oils, unlike other oils and butters, it will not form carcinogenic trans-fatty acids during heating.It can be left on your kitchen counter up to one year and will not rancidify. It is ideal for cooking. Its wonderful flavor can be used in place of butter/oils in any recipe. It can also be eaten straight for a quick energy boost and is a great creamy addition to smoothies.

Superior Taste

If taste is the most important factor, and especially if you mostly use the raw coconut oil, this definitely is the oil you need to try. It's creamy texture and the smooth taste are unparalleled. In blindfold taste tests performed with over 17 different brands of virgin coconut oils, Virgin Coco De Crème consistently was the chosen favorite every time.

Packaged in 4 - 1 gallon hard plastic pails.

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